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Important note.

I've started yet another blog, this one required for a journalism class.

So go and read LaHue's Hive for 355.


A weird thought...

This is kind of a journalism ethics class meets Seinfeld thing.

Two great superhero characters--Superman and Spider-Man--have alteregos that are journalists.

Superman, also known as Clark Joseph Kent, is a reporter for the Daily Planet. He utilizes this position to find out about incidents that need his attention quicker.

Spider-Man, also known as Peter Benjamin Parker, is a freelance photographer, primarily working for the Daily Bugle. He makes money by selling J. Jonah Jamison photos of himself as Spider-Man fighting crime.

It's cool to have such famous superheroes be journalists. Yet, are their action journalistically ethical?

I think I'm just up too late.


Don't read this post before lunch...

When it comes to Chinese food, I'll just stick with sweet & sour chicken and fried rice.

The more exotic stuff just isn't keen to my particular tastes.