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Pure disappointment

I was supposed to go to Petaluma this weekend to visit an old friend. But due to my inevitable absent-mindedness to plan ahead, I had to cancel.

Note to self: Check to see if local university is moving in freshman. If so, get your hotel room several days in advance.

I'm really frustrated because this is all my fault. Not work for postponing my day off for a week. Not anybody's fault but mine.

What makes it even more frustrating is that I've been trying to work out a visit with this friend for the past three years. He's in the Coast Guard, so opportunities have to be taken when they're available. Since he's at the Training Center in Petaluma, this is best chance yet.

And now it's been postponed -- again.

It's odd. I can read through hundreds of pages of governmentese and find story ideas. I can dig through Department of Labor Forms to link $50,000 in cash to political advertising. But I can't work out a three-hour trip. What kind of talent distribution is that?

It's everybody around me that suffers because of it.



This incredible image of the hottest human being on the planet was taken with the camera on my new phone.

That's right folks, today I marched right into Verizon Wireless and renewed my account, and with it, upgraded to the LG VX8300.

I was seriously considering going with a Motorola Razr, but decided not to because it's width won't fit into most of the secondary pockets of my jean shorts, I was really happy with my old LG phone and Adam had already gotten a Razr.

So I now have my first camera/camcorder phone -- or as my old friend John Milleson would probably note, yet another way to collect blackmail. I'm kidding.

But I've now discovered that there some time to be consumed in purchasing a new phone -- primarily from reprogramming numbers. That alone can make somebody a texting expert. Ai yi yi.

I'm still learning everything that is on this phone. Should be fun.


First time in over a year and its out of frustration

An attitude I thought would eventually pay
Instead appears to have left me stuck
A trap unintentionally self-made
For a horrible crime called concern.

Evidentially in order to succeed
I have to be a backstabber
Leaving a trail of train wrecks
To move up in this world.

Is this how neutral feels?
Sickening, disappointed, frustrated?
I don't think I'll ever recover,
I'm damned for having a conscience.

I can't figure out when to go or stay
Abandon this right for that right.
And only time will tell
Whether I'm blowing it or getting blown away.


Just think abou it...

What's crazier--that I find this video incredibly funny or that I almost immediatly came up with a way to transform into a viable, competative sport?