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Okay, five months is long enough

Yes, a new post! Time for one of those massive-update-type-thingies.

*The job is the job. When a lot of reporters sitting around me say they wouldn't be willing to take a beat you work, it kind of has a way of making you feel a like a real bad-ass.

*That being said, I'm really needing a vacation. I don't consider the week in-between reporting jobs a vacation, because that was filled with mad-scramble-to-find-an-apartment-in-Yuba-City. The last thing that could come close to being considered a vacation was a few days up in Happy Camp in April of last year, and that was for my grandma's memorial service.

*The vacation will be August at the soonest, though. Third week of August, to be more specific. We have a reporter leaving early on the month and I plan to hang around for that, because I think he really needs and deserves that kind of respect.

*Probably the big reason for the blog hiatus was for Sutter Notebook, the blog I'm writing for the Appeal-Democrat. I've gotten some props in the previous e-Tuner, a nationwide critique of papers in the Freedom Chain, and the new one is coming out soon, so I'm crossing fingers on some more props in the future. I'm getting some public heat over it, so it's getting people interested and active, and they're paying attention.

*The "Help Robert Get a New Car Before the End of the Decade Fund" is in full swing. The Tercel is still serving well, but general time is starting to catch up a little. The engine doesn't run as smooth, the Slick 50 can no longer totally stave off the oil burning, and gas mileage is tanking ridiculously in the Yuba-Sutter parking lot--er, I mean, traffic. There are numerous candidates for the replacment vehicle including but not limited to a Toyota Tundra or Scions xB or tC. And who knows what will come out before the end of the decade that might catch my eye, too. At this point, the fund is at about roughly 50 percent of what I figure I'll need for a good quality downpayment. The joys of picking a job that practically leaves you on the outside edge of the brutal end of the bachelor's degree pay scale. I'm also needing to get hardcore on having the highest possible credit rating when the time comes.

*Getting churchified again, courtesy of Calvary Christian Center here in Yuba City. Update in a couple weeks on my involvement there, as it may be subject to change. But I will say that yes, I was the security guy at Friday's UCW Wrestlestock 2007 in the cowboy hat and I do write the UCW Insider.

All for the moment. Anything you're curious about in particular? Ask and I might answer it.