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What to call the team?

So, for fun, I play an online rugby team management game called Blackout Rugby.

Yes, I'm a dork, I know.

Right now, it's the down week between seasons. This is the one week we get to change our team's name and nicknames if we want.

And I'm considering that. But I wanted to get some extra opinions on it. Why not?

Here's the options:

Currently, my team is called Jefferson Patrolmen RFC. The name is based off of the State of Jefferson movement back where I grew up. The nickname is obviously in the team name, but I also use "Patrolies." The team colors are yellow, gold and black, representing both the Gold Rush history of the area and the shield includes the Two X's emblem that was used in the state shield of a short-lived 1941 secession movement (It was supposed to be inside of a gold pan and symbolized that residents felt they were "double-crossed" by the California and Oregon state governments).

But, I'm thinking about switching the team name to Klamath River RFC. The name, obviously, references the Klamath River, also back where I grew up. Likely nickname would be "Ospreys" or "Fighting Ospreys." The team's colors would primarily be forest green and a light blue (thinking closest to a Dodger blue or Brandeis blue), with trim colors of lime green, white and black. The green represents the forest, the blue the river itself. The shield would include a rugby ball (primary reason: couldn't find a bird outline I liked).

So, what do you think? Jefferson Patrolmen RFC or Klamath River RFC?


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