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Two years gone isn't bad, right?

A more rapid update than the one I attempted back in 2007:

*Job switch. Same place, new role, liking much more.
*The whole "new car before the end of the decade" thing worked out. Meet the toaster oven on wheels. It has more than 6000 miles now:

* Happy ending: The Tercel is still in use, as the engine got an overhaul from my uncle and it is now in steadily use by a couple of my first cousins once removed.
* I've gone from being the UCW security guard with the cowboy hat to being Mr. Hoss Roberts. I also put together one Fueled (20-somethings) service a month.
* Same apartment, bigger mess.
* I'm drinking actual drip coffee now. In fact, that clunky old 4-cup brewer my mom left around for when she would come down finally broke down and I had to buy a swanky new Mr. Coffee with digital settings (same price as the click-button, so why not?) It's still a 4-cup, though.
* I decided to get a little bit more serious about dating. But no luck yet.


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