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A quick note

Dear Ms. Lohan:

You were way hotter as a redhead and 20 pounds heavier. Please readjust accordingly.



Doesn't look like that paper is worth it. But most of the trash out of my room is gone, so that leaves packing. Clothes are going to be a pain.

In other news, at The Orion end-of-semester awards, I won Best News Writer and received a really nifty royal blue Orion honor cord to wear at graduation on Saturday. Sweet.
And with two pain the butt finals, the semester is over.


My Asian Studies prof is giving me a chance to make up a paper, but I dunno if I'll do it. B if I don't, A if I do.

I still have a buttload of cleaning to do.

Is it worth it?


B2Z, Yo!

In just the first few days of the existance of From Babylon to Zion with Love, there's already some Web Waves(TM).

As of this posting, B2Z has received 529 page views in it's first nine days.

B2Z is already 26th on a Google search of "Babylon to Zion" and 84th on a Google search of "interfaith group blog."

We're big in Utah: We've been linked up by Splendid Sun and another blog that I cannot name at this moment because BlogShares is being a real pain in the butt.


Comic nostalgia

I saw this comic a couple years back and thought it was a hoot. I'm glad I found it again, and in color, even.

Image hosted by


So, Chico is hosting the conference baseball tourney this year. Went to the first-round game last night against San Bernadino State. Smoked 'em 7-1, and their run was an unearned number in the ninth.

I enjoyed the game immensely. The pregame trip to Bunz with Lee and his crew helped, though.

Second round game is at 3:00 today against Cal Poly Pomona. It's a double-elimination, four team tourney, so if Chico beats Poly, it's a trip straight to the championship. A loss means having to play the winner of the San Diego-San Bernadino game for a trip to the championship.

Me like heckling. :)


May 11

Famous births on May 11:

Well, if I can't win a Heisman trophy myself, I'll at least be born on the same day as a guy who did.


*Happy 22nd to me.

*I've been listening to "I Swear It's the Last Time" by Less Than Jake for the last few hours over and over.

*Check out From Babylon to Zion with Love, co-written with Mr. Mason and Ms. Frazer. Interreligious mayhem abounds.



"Beat It" by Michael Jackson

What song was #1 on the day you were born?

Well, that's just screwed up...



I've wound up getting offered (and accepting) Internship #3

So take a gander at the paper I'll be writing at this summer: the Paradise Post.

I'll be covering the Paradise Recreation and Parks District and the community of Magalia.

Some things are better left being said by others...

KevCo had this very interesting look on liberal philosophy...

So this week I drove down to Sacramento. "Why?" you ask. Well, the woman who has had the last three children that we've adopted had another one. And well, since my parents don't want to break up the family, we're stepping in the take another. Well, actually, my sister in law and my brother have stepped up. But, there is a problem. My family all lives in Oregon now, which is a problem since the intrastate and interstate laws concerning these things are complicated. So, we're waiting on the state of Oregon to accept the case and all of the parties involved in Sacramento to agree to the change of venue.

It must be noted that this child, just like the previous kids, was born positive to meth in his system. Thus, the state stepped in and took the kid, the mother released, and the legal battle begins. So, here is my rant...

Why is it that if Scott Peterson were to kill his wife and unborn child does he get convicted for killing an unborn child? I mean, if you do drugs and mess up your baby, you cannot be charged in the state of California because "you've really done nothing wrong." What the fuck (pardon my french, but i feel this word is most definately needed) is going on here. If you are the mother, you are allowed to choose if your baby lives, dies, is born addicted to drugs, is healthy, or whatever. But if you are the father, you get the death penalty for doing what mothers do every frickin day (scott peterson trial reference). Ok, I'm being sarcastic, but really, why aren't these drug addicted mothers not arrested on the spot when the babies test results come back positive to drugs? It's because of the liberal democrats. They have taken such a strong line in a "woman's right to choose" and "the government can't tell me what i can do with my own body" that we now make it perfectly legal for a woman to abort, drink, do drugs, smoke, or whatever to their kid while in the womb. Why do unborn babies have rights at some times but not at others?

It all just pisses me off. These people don't learn. This is this woman's seventh child. The oldest 2 live with their father. The next oldest was carted away and adopted by some woman. The next 3 are sleeping in the room next to me. And this final one is sitting in a transition house awaiting some judge's decision as to where he will go. You know, if this kid would have popped himself out a week or two sooner, I could have stepped in and taken the child, without all of the hassle that my family is going through now. But, I gave up my apartment and really don't have an address in California anymore. But I guess it's for my own best, I don't want to deal with kids right now, which is why I make sure that my shit is covered up.
Definitly should at least make you think.


Just to recount...

...This is Wednesday, May 4. And Day 8 since Eric Slater claimed he would release earlier versions of "The Story Heard 'Round Chico."

We're waiting...