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Since I mentioned Rules 3 and 4 of Attempted Censorship in my last post, I figured I'd post the five rules I came up with and imbellish on them later when I have time.

1) Claim an important reason. (Children trump card)
2) Create a free speech exception.
3) Turn the issue around.
4) Make those who oppose you evil.
5) Create an apocalyptic scenario. (worst common denominator)


My latest hate mail...

This was a good one. But first, some background information.

I've written several stories concerning an ongoing labor dispute between Butte County and the local In Home Support Services (IHSS) workers. IHSS just came under the jurisdiction of a new union, the California United Homecare Workers (CUHW).

The county hasn't recognized them yet, saying that they're received distinctly different signitures on letters authorizing CUHW to be able to negotiate.

Well, a week or so ago, CUHW held a press conference at the county government center in Oroville. A couple of weeks prior to this, I requested from CUHW's press contact some information concerning the pay given to IHSS workers in other counties.

To be specific, I requested the 12 counties that Butte County used in a survey to determine recent pay raises for county employees. IHSS workers aren't county employees, but the county pays their salaries and are then reimbursed by the state.

Well, I got those 12 counties. But on official press information (the stuff they hand out and was reported in other local publications) only had the six highest-paying counties. The other six counties paid at least $1.50 less.

So I wrote a story with that information in it.

Didn't take long for some hate mail to show up. So, in my true sarcastic, smart-ass style, I'll respond to different points:

It's ironic that your most recent article "blaming the victims" (IHSS) appears on the same page as "State Sues Pleasant Care Corporation."

I didn't really see the irony, but OK, whatever. And if I was "blaming the victims," wouldn't I have said they didn't deserve a raise? I just provided the salaries of all 12 counties in the study, instead of just the six CUHW was passing around.

Bunch of personal information that had nothing to do with the subject of my story.

I was going to post all this (about three long paragraphs), and make you all read it, but then I decided that was just mean. It was torture enough for me trying to read through it.

Statistics I have seen in the past few years show a CNA/HHA turnover rate of over 100% per year in facilities and home health agencies. I would hope that if you ever have a sick or disabled loved one who requires care, you would try to keep them at home as long as possible, and that you would not begrudge their caregiver a living wage, as you apparently do.

Rule #3 of attempted censorship: try to turn the issue around. For not writing an article that glorifies IHSS as near sainthood and instead present basic neutral information on an issue, this somehow equates to me hating senior citizens.

I mean, if I'm going to gun for somebody, I'll go after Veterans' Services. Talk about incompetence. I just disqualified myself from covering anything at a VA hospital, by the way.

You keep trying to make a big deal of the fact that the same letter, signed by two different people, was sent regarding CUHW's bargaining authority -- how unusual is it in any bureaucracy that two individuals might be authorized to sign such a letter? In any case, chances seem excellent that at least one of them (rather than none of them) would be appropriately designated.

First off, something wrong in this claim. It's not two different people that signed these letters, it was supposed to be the same person, but the county's HR department said the signitures were distinctly different. So they said they want to verify one of those signitures was authentic. Don't like that? The issues with the county, not me.

I can't imagine what investment you could possibly have in attempting to "criminalize" and demean IHSS workers

Rule #4 of attempted censorship: Say that those who oppose you are evil and want to destroy you. Frankly, It makes it easier to critize, and if you tell yourself it's true enough, it must be true, right?

Sorry, but I'm not benefitting from either side.

although a friend who is a CNA overheard the administrator at a local facility refer to the CNA staff as "trailor trash". It sounds as though that is your attitude, as well. The consistently contemptuous, derogatory, and demeaning tone of your articles is reprehensible and you should be ashamed of yourself.

See Rule #4 of attempted censorship.

By the way, what's a CNA? We're talking about IHSS. I'm a county government reporter, not a health reporter, I don't know what these abbreviations stand for.

And, as someone who was raised in a double-wide trailer and whose parents still live in said trailer, I am offended by the term "trailor(sic) trash." We prefer "Middle-class manufactured home occupants," thank you very much.



Why'd they kill off Edgar?

Glory part 1.5


Life goals?


New milestone

This is the 250th post here on the HOH.

It will actually a steal from my good friend Mr. Jimmy Havlina or the differences between liberals and conservatives.


A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be a very liberal Democrat, and was very much in favor of the redistribution of wealth.

She was deeply ashamed that her father was a rather staunch Republican, a feeling she openly expressed. Based on the lectures that she had participated in, and the occasional chat with a professor, she felt that her father had for years harbored an evil, selfish desire to keep what he thought should be his.

One day she was challenging her father on his opposition to higher taxes on the rich and the addition of more government welfare programs. The self-professed objectivity proclaimed by her professors had to be the truth and she indicated so to her father.

He responded by asking how she was doing in school.

Taken aback, she answered rather haughtily that she had a 4.0 GPA, and let him know that it was tough to maintain, insisting that she was taking a very difficult course load and was constantly studying, which left her no time to go out and party like other people she knew. She didn't even have time for a boyfriend, and didn't really have many college friends because she spent all her time studying.

Her father listened and then asked, "How is you friend Audrey doing?"

She replied, "Audrey is barely getting by. All she takes are easy classes, she never studies, and she barely has a 2.0 GPA. She is so popular on campus, college for her is a blast. She's always invited to all the parties, and lots of times she doesn't even show up for classes because she's too hung over."

Her wise father asked his daughter, "Why don't you go to the Dean's office and ask him to deduct a 1.0 off your GPA and give it to your friend who only has a 2.0. That way you will both have a 3.0 GPA and certainly that would be a fair and equal distribution of GPA, a leveling of the playing field."

The daughter, visibly shocked by her father's suggestion, angrily fired back, "That wouldn't be fair! I have worked really hard for my grades! I've invested a lot of time, and a lot of hard work! Audrey has done next to nothing toward her degree. She played while I worked my tail off!"

The father slowly smiled, winked and said gently, "Welcome to the Republican Party."


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